This is a hilarious spoof by the clearly talented Ms. Surach.  She’s a good deadpan.  But in JC’s defense, looking at the video from Groove on Grove in 2008, Groove on Grove is way more exciting now with food trucks, farm-fresh produce, music, and other good stuff galore.

Best quote is “So would you say that Jersey City is a hole?”  Warning:  NSFW (not safe for work) after minute 4:00.

food trucks on columbus and marin

I am happy to say that last night I noticed not one, not two, but three food trucks offering on the go dinner meals to Jersey City denizens near the Marin St. entrance for the Grove stop of the PATH.  The Krave, Taste of India, and a newer Mexican/burrito trunk are all serving meals up to 9 pm at night.  Follow The Krave on Tumblr and read a little more about Taste of India here (as well as Lucinda Creperie).

Jersey City lawmakers tabled a law in May that would have limited the ability of food trucks to operate in Jersey City.  Until this issue crops up again, law makers have allowed the once disparaged lowly street vendors to multiply and bring in more gourmet offerings for Jersey City.