food trucks on columbus and marin

I am happy to say that last night I noticed not one, not two, but three food trucks offering on the go dinner meals to Jersey City denizens near the Marin St. entrance for the Grove stop of the PATH.  The Krave, Taste of India, and a newer Mexican/burrito trunk are all serving meals up to 9 pm at night.  Follow The Krave on Tumblr and read a little more about Taste of India here (as well as Lucinda Creperie).

Jersey City lawmakers tabled a law in May that would have limited the ability of food trucks to operate in Jersey City.  Until this issue crops up again, law makers have allowed the once disparaged lowly street vendors to multiply and bring in more gourmet offerings for Jersey City.

oaxaca taqueria

So I am walking up 4th Avenue in Brooklyn, having taken the wrong train again to Park Slope, trying to find Union Hall.  Lo!  What do I see?  But a bright beautiful sign, evoking vintage Vegas, gleaming…nay, shouting:


Well, now that you mention it.  Yes, I would like a taco.  The storefront taqueria is sparse but clean, apparently decorated by Scandanavians who prefer sitting in uncomfortable stools.  I bellied up to the “bar” and ordered one of the specials, cabeza taco.  That’s right.  Beef cheek taco washed down with grainy horchata.  I skipped the elote, or roasted corn with lime, white cheese, and chile powder but was happy to find it on the menu as it was one of my favorites in Mexico City.  Oaxaca Tacos has a limited menu which is usually a good sign but I saw the line cooks making a quesadilla and it didn’t look so appetizing or authentic. 

My small but satisfying meal was a whopping $10 total (including tip) so imagine what damage you could do with an order of three tacos, the magical number for most diners.  The line cook warned me that the salsa verde was pica but I think he must have mistaken me for a raging wimp.  Good news though, this location is open until 11:45 pm on Sundays and right next to the Union Street stop in Park Slope.  It’s a good late night option.

In toto -

  • Food:  Pretty authentic but limited selection.
  • Ambience: I thought I was in Ikea.
  • Pricing: What?  Nah man, a bit pricey for street food.
  • Service: Friendly tattooed wait staff and/or line cooks playing Angry Birds.
  • Summary:  Take out probably is best.  Stick with the tacos.